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With Christmas on our doorstep, Unique Irish Homes has joined forces with the wonderful Bramwell Brown clocks to bring you a fun gift idea! 

Family holidays are often defined by the weather! And Ireland wouldn’t be Ireland without conversations on the matter. So, what better instrument to have in a holiday home than a Bramwell Brown clock!

Beautiful clock on a wall in an Irish kitchen Unique Irish Homes

This wonderful partnership has come about in the same way we have built our wonderful collection of homes – around the “kitchen table”. The wonderful brother and sister team, Rob and Sarah, are friends of friends and their ethos blends organically with ours. 

As a family-owned business, each clock is assembled with care and pride by their extremely skilled team at their workshop in Hampshire. The parts come from all over the world. What stood out to us and what makes them so unique is that whichever team member painstakingly assembles these parts together to create each finished clock, personally signs or stamps a certificate that goes into its box.

These wonderful clocks are designed to bring character and charm to your home and that’s exactly what they did at Cove Lodge, one of our latest additions to the UIH collection. It forecasts the weather with lovely illustrations for everything from bright sunshine to stormy downpours. Perfect for kitchen, hallway and living room alike, this clock can be the centrepiece of the wall, or the final touch to bring it all together. Available in a variety of frame colours.

Keep an eye out for Bramwell Brown clocks in our properties and follow them on Instagram to stay up on their new designs. We’re most excited about the tide clock coming next year!

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