Ireland is Unique

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Ireland is Unique

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Ireland is Unique

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Information for Property Owners


What makes a unique home?

Each one of our properties is rented to you by their respective owners, making them very special, unique and cared for homes.
You will find a wide variety of homes on our website, all with one thing in common; they have that essential ingredient which makes them unique.
It might be a spectacular location, quirky construction, decadent luxury, classic styling, or sometimes all of these, but whatever it is, everyone brings something special to the party.

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The Core Components


This website works for everyone, because we match premium clients with exclusive properties, which maximises bookings and returns for their owners.
Quality is absolutely fundamental to achieving results – quality of service, accommodation and marketing.

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From the contemporary magazine layout of the website and professionalism of photography, right down to the sheets and marshmallow pillows on the beds; even the glasses in the cupboards.

Standards are the starting point.

The Marketing Pitch

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Each property is individually analysed on the website to bring out its special features, and each one is different.

Expert photography is again a key element in marketing the character of your home.

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Some information about the locality, history and regional activities, together with interesting local links, is also presented to amplify the offer.

House owners usually have a wealth of local knowledge to contribute here.

The Service

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Unique Irish Homes is a personal service….

Although it is possible for visitors to check availability and make provisional bookings 24/7 on the website, direct communication with clients prior to accepting full bookings is an essential part of the service.

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Similarly with owners…

Bookings taken for your home can be monitored on the site through Rates and Availability on your own homes page.
However, you will always be advised of bookings and consulted on queries my email or phone.

Becoming an Owner

We travel thousands of kilometres all over Ireland, checking houses and meeting with owners.

Not every house will be suitable, and in some cases may need investment if they are to meet the quality standards that attract discerning clientele and premium tariffs.
We can advise on that.
In any event, it will be essential to have good housekeeping and property management services in place, because that is outside our remit.

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If you have a Unique home that is not fulfilling its potential, why not contact us today and become part of our exclusive agency?

If you have a Unique home that is not fulfilling its potential, why not contact us today and become part of our exclusive agency?