Ireland is Unique

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Ireland is Unique

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Ireland is Unique

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Walkers Cottage


We pride ourselves on our handpicked, curated collection of homes.

You will find a wide variety of homes on our website, all with one thing in common; they have that essential ingredient which makes them unique.

We are a hands-on business, giving each property what it deserves to shine through in our collection. With larger sites, you’re lumped in with a lot of competition, and your special property can potentially get lost in the noise. Our platform provides a podium to flourish.


Hosting on Unique Irish Homes: A Personal Partnership



What UIH can do for you: 


  • Increase bookings & general awareness
  • Protect your rental property through respectful guests 
  • A loyal customer base 
  • Always personal approach
  • Top quality service from our small team



How it works:

  • Contact us with details of your home, including location & photos interior and exterior.
  • We will review your property and discuss a partnership
  • Once approved, we begin photography (and drone footage if required), finalise the story of your property, marketing, and then go ‘live’ on the UIH site.
  • Bookings begin – and are always approved by you.


Unique features and home types we’re hunting for:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Hot Tubs
  • Homes that sleep 10+ people



We’re on the hunt for Unique Irish Homes anywhere in and around the island of Ireland… 



We travel thousands of kilometres all over Ireland, checking houses and meeting with owners.

Not every house will be suitable, and in some cases may need investment if they meet the quality standards that attract discerning clientele and premium tariffs.

We can advise on that.

In any event, it will be essential to have good housekeeping and property management services in place, as this is outside our remit.



If you have a Unique home that is not fulfilling its potential, why not contact us today?

If you have a Unique home that is not fulfilling its potential, why not contact us today?