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Click on a region to see its catalogue of Unique Irish Homes

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See our Homes outside Ireland here…

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Arriving by Air

As a rough guide, below are approximate travel times by car to a selection of Towns and cities. Most of our homes will be some distance more remote.

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Dublin is home to Ireland’s major international Airport.

Belfast 1 hr 40m
Cork 2 hrs 45m
Derry 2 hrs 50m
Donegal 3 hrs
Galway 2 hrs 15m
Killarney 3 hrs 30m
Limerick 2 hrs 15m
Waterford 2 hrs
Westport 3 hrs 10m
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Shannon Airport it is the second busiest airport in Ireland and is a significant connections hub for international flights, including the US.
Aer Lingus operate daily flights at Shannon to and from London Heathrow, while Ryanair operate flights to London Gatwick and a number of other European destinations.

Cork 1 hr 45m
Donegal 3 hrs 10m
Galway 1 hr
Killarney 1 hr 50m
Limerick 25m
Westport 1 hr 55m
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Cork Airport is served daily by Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus Regional, Flybe, Ryanair, WOW Air, Swiss, Norwegian, Iberia Express and Volotea airlines.

Galway 2 hrs 40m
Killarney 1 hr 25m
Limerick 1 hr 35m
Waterford 1 hr 50m
[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”Ireland West Airport – Knock (7)” open_toggle_background_color=”#f4f4f4″ disabled_on=”on|on|off” admin_label=”Knock toggle” _builder_version=”4.16″ global_colors_info=”{}”]There are daily flights from UK regional airports and regular flights from Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands.

Belfast 3 hrs 15m
Derry 2 hrs 40m
Donegal 1 hr 40m
Galway 1 hr 20m
Limerick 1 hr 55m
Westport 50m
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Ireland’s 2nd busiest airport features flights from some European metropolitan and several leisure destinations as well as a seasonal route to Orlando in the US.

Donegal 2 hrs 10m
Derry 1 hr 30m
Westport 3 hrs 50m
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A regional airport offering scheduled direct flights from Dublin, London, Berlin, and Frankfurt.

Cork 1 hr 35m
Galway 2 hrs 30m
Killarney 18m
Limerick 1 hr 25m
Westport 3 hrs 20m
[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”Donegal Regional Airport (6)” open_toggle_background_color=”#f4f4f4″ disabled_on=”on|on|off” admin_label=”Donegal toggle” _builder_version=”4.16″ global_colors_info=”{}”]Voted the world’s most scenic airport; flights run twice daily to Dublin Airport.

Belfast 2 hrs 50m
Derry 1 hr 25m
Donegal 1 hr 05m
Westport 3 hrs 15m
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A busy harbour with multiple car ferry crossings to France and Wales in the UK.

Cork 2 hrs 30m
Galway 3 hrs 45m
Killarney 3 hrs 30m
Limerick 2 hrs 50m
Waterford 1 hr 05m
Westport 4 hrs 30m
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