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About Us

Unique Irish Homes is a family-run business specializing in luxury vacation rentals in Ireland and, most recently, parts of Europe.

UIH was founded in 2012, its ethos – to seek out unique, eclectic and interesting homes to rent to like minded people. Every property in our collection is a cherished, private home, and reflects the character and interests of its owners. We have homes in exclusive locations – from remote rural villages to vibrant towns, chic cottages and classic villas.

We prides ourselves on being a hands-on business and believe that human interaction for both our customers and homeowners is vital for business to succeed.

Use our Properties page or our Collections to find the most suitable escape for you. If you have any queries at all, please give Rosie a call on +353 85 860 0027 or check out our properties and book your stay now.

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“I see the role of Unique Irish Homes as a facilitator, for all the people like me, who want our holiday experience to be comfortable, relaxing and completely individual – and that’s what we do.”

Rosie Campbell

Director, Unique Irish Homes

About Us

The Founder’s Story

In 2012 Graham and Rosie Campbell began a new business adventure…
As serial entrepreneurs, Rosie and Graham have always been ahead of the curve – starting with The Natural Interior, a successful interior shop in the 90’s to launching Ireland’s first Asian fusion restaurant in early 2000’s, they’ve never been afraid to take a leap of faith. Unique Irish Homes is one of those, it launched back in 2014. Born from a curiosity of what was around each corner or down a dirt pathway and from the lack of home rental facilitators in Ireland they started Unique Irish Homes having used larger and more complicated rental sites in the past to rent their beautiful cottage in County Kerry.

Rosie and Graham’s quirky outlook on life is reflected in what they have created in Unique Irish Homes.
They both have a passion for promoting Ireland and have been lucky enough to travel all over the world but have always adored what was right on our doorstep. Similarly UIH homeowners have done the same, making each property unique to them and their story.

“We have always had our antenna tuned to different styles and out-there locations. This has led to the eclectic collection of homes on UIH.”
Quote from Graham Campbell

Their constant search for homes throughout Ireland will continue as will their new foreign departure with the upcoming Unique Homes Away from Home. Later this year we will be launching homes in Scotland, Spain, Italy and France.

Each property is hand-picked by Rosie and Graham, personally visiting the home and its owner before adding to the UIH collection.

We hope that you have an experience that you will be proud to pass on to your friends and family.