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Beautiful irish landscape and sunset Visit Ireland Summer

Is a trip to Ireland on your travel bucket list? It’s time to tick it off! What are you waiting for?

We may be biased, but Ireland is one of the most magnificent places in the world for a long visit or short trip.

From the rolling green hills and sparkling sea to the culture, people, and food – there are sooo many reasons to book a trip to Ireland this summer!

Here are five reasons to visit Ireland this summer of 2022!

1. The culture

There’s a reason why people love Ireland and Irish people worldwide – the culture.

Ireland’s rich culture spans across our language, traditions, festivals, literature, music, dancing, art, folklore and mythology, cuisine, and sport. And when visitors get to experience a little bit of all of these, they dream of them forever – and keep coming back for more!

Two men playing Irish music

2. The people

Irish people are as friendly as you’ll find – to locals and visitors alike!

Tourism in Ireland is welcomed with open arms. We love showing guests from abroad the beauty of Ireland, and tourism is one of our largest industries.

Be sure to say hello and strike up a conversation when you meet people in Ireland, if they don’t beat you to it!

Street in Ireland Dublin

3. The food

Access to the freshest, organic produce and incredible Irish seafood means one thing – amazing local cuisines are easily found all around Ireland.

When people think of Ireland, they often think of stew and soda bread – but the creativity and sheer level of gastronomical sophistication that can be found in the Irish food scene today is astounding. Young, pioneering chefs are continuing to open up restaurants all over Ireland, resulting in some of the most mind bowing dishes and dining experiences.

If you would rather enjoy some Irish cuisine from the comfort of your own Unique Irish Home, please reach out to us about booking a private chef for your stay!

Fresh seafood dish in restaurant


4. Nature & the great outdoors

If you’re the outdoorsy type, you must visit Ireland this summer. It’s the perfect place for you!

Hiking, biking, walking, surfing, kayaking, sailing, swimming – you name it, you can enjoy doing it in Ireland – and with the most stunning surroundings and views all over the country just waiting to be enjoyed. Check out some outdoor activity ideas here.

5. Beautiful Irish homes to stay in

Courtesy of us! Our exclusive collection of luxury self catering homes are located all over Ireland. From castles and cottages to estates, manors, and more in every gorgeous inch of Ireland – from Kerry to Dublin and up to the North!

There’s something about staying in an actual home, rather than a hotel, that makes a trip to Ireland that bit more authentic and personal. We recommend checking out our home collections to find your perfect place to call home while visiting Ireland.


Obviously, these are just five reasons from hundreds, even thousands, of great reasons to visit Ireland.

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